UEZ compulsory mixers are made only from high-quality materials since 1949.

From professionals for professionals.

Compulsory mixer

Perfect mixing results. Extremely long lifecycle. The UEZ compulsory mixer range is suitable for anyone who needs good and reliable results.

Laborytory Compulsory Mixer

The UEZ lab compulsory mixers, featuring the well-proven UEZ 4-arm mixing technique, rapidly mix quality cement intensively and uniformly with a consistently high mixing quality.


Loves your liquids. For cement-based grout, self-leveling cement mortar, fillers, dispersion.

UEZ Mischtechnik

All mixers in overview

The UEZ compulsory mixers are available in all common sizes. From the handy small compulsory mixer, which can mix up to 50 kilograms of material, to the 600 liter high-performance mixer.

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