Compulsory mixer for refractory mixes.

Robust helpers for use in the toughest conditions.

Why UEZ mixers?

The production of refractory mixes places the highest demands on the mixers used. UEZ compulsory mixers are the first choice in terms of quality and performance when it comes to use under extreme.

The use of high-quality materials and drives ensures the user a quality product that is second to none.

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    The concretes used as refractory mixes can be used at temperatures of up to 1800°C. Refractoriness results from the composition of inorganic non-metallic materials – such as ceramics, glass, glass-ceramics, glass fibers and mineral fibers – which are insensitive to thermal stresses.

    Mixing dry material with water requires maximum processing quality. The high-performance compulsory mixers from UEZ ensure an intensive and homogeneous mixing result with excellent quality.