UEZ LZ 35/50 Laboratory Compulsory Mixer

60 litres
Ready-made mixture

Mixer technology

0.75 x 0.60 x 1.30 m

80 kg

The laboratory compulsory mixer UEZ LZ 35/50provide perfect mixing results up to 60 litres, sturdy design, and high-quality materials – the ideal partners for the rough life under daily building conditions.



The UEZ 4-arm-mixing-technology

The UEZ 4-arm-mixing-technology guarantees an intensive mixing within shortest time. The mixer’s arms are supported by springs, the shovels made from high-quality material.

Bottom discharge for easy dosing

Bottom discharge with segmental discharge slide allows a well-dosed discharge of the mixture. Low charging height due to adjustable height.

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You decide what goes in.

The mixer makes it easy.

Whether concrete, screed or filler, whether plasters, granulates or refractory materials: UEZ compulsory mixers are the first choice when it comes to homogeneous, fast and reliable mixing of all kinds of media.

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Technical Data UEZ LZ 35/50

Technical dataUEZ LZ 35/50
Inhalt90 litres
Ready-made mixture
(Fireproof compounds
depending on spec. weight)
approx. 60 litres
Grain size16 mm
DischargingFloor discharge with segmental discharge slide
Motor230 V 2.0 kW AC
400 V 2.2 kW three phase
16 A
maintenance-free drive motor
Motor protection switch with phase changing
MixerUniversal UEZ 4-arm mixing technology with wall scrapers
mixer with wall scrapers for 16 mm grain size
Mixing speed48 rpm
Wheels2 solid rubber wheels
Available versionsMobile
Height adjustable
SafetyAutomatic shutdown when safety grid opened
Discharge protection
CE certified
Dimensions L x W x H750 mm x 600 mm x 1,300 mm
Weight80 kg

Subject to technical changes.

The UEZ LZ 35/50 von UEZ at a glance

  • The professional compulsory mixer with the UEZ 4-arm-mixing-technology
  • Small compulsory mixer with great performance
  • 16 mm grain size
  • intensive mixing quality
  • Bottom discharge
  • Adjustable height
  • Maintenance-free
  • All-purpose mixer
  • Compact and steady construction
  • CE certified

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