UEZ Dissolver-Mixer ZZ 50-S

50 litres
Liquid mix


0.75 x 0.60 x 1.30 m

120 kg

Loves your liquids. The new UEZ ZZ 50-S dissolver mixer mixes 90 kg of low-viscosity materials in approx. 1-2 minutes with no lumps (dispersing).
New for ZZ 50-S: A more efficient motor, together with the new high-performance mixing unit, ensures less power consumption with the same mixing result. The completely redesigned drum remains reliably tight even under prolonged load.

For cement-based grout, self-leveling cement mortar, fillers, dispersion. The dissolver disk is perfect for mixing low-viscosity liquid materials, the dissolver speed is 371 /743 Upm.

The material is added effortlessly through the safety grill directly into the mixer drum. For bagged goods, a tear device is fitted to the safety grill – this way, additional material can be added even during mixing. And the exposed mixing drum means the mixing process can be easily monitored.

The mixing drum is empties via a drain cock and is therefore easy to dose. The compact and stable steel construction ensures the mixer is secure and safe.

Operation is maintenance-free, the ZZ 50-S meets the highest safety standard.

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Product video ZZ 50-S

Technical Data UEZ ZZ 50-S

Technical dataUEZ ZZ 50-S
Content mixer drum95 litres
Ready-made mixtureApprox. 50 litres or 90 kg, depending on material consistency
DischargingBottom discharge with perferction tap
Motor1.7 / 1.3 kW offset gear motor
400 V maintenance-free
Mixing speedchange-pole motor 371 / 743 rpm
ElectricalsMotor protection switch for 2 speeds
16 A
Available versionsDrivable, 2 solid rubber wheels
Many adjustable options with 4 adjustable feet
SafetyAutomatic shutdown when safety grid opened
Discharge protection
CE certified
Dimensions L x W x H750 mm x 600 mm x 1,300 mm
Weight120 kg

Subject to technical changes.

The ZZ 50-S Dissolver Mixer at a glance

  • A more efficient motor
  • The new high-performance mixing unit
  • New construction: 100% leak proof
  • Mixing speed 371 /743 Upm
  • Circle-dissolver, ideal for liquid materials with low viscosity
  • For cement-based grout, self-leveling cement mortar, fillers, dispersion, e.g. ECC-based
  • Maintenance-free gear box
  • Highest safety standard
  • Adjustable height

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